Cavalor Bronchix Chronic


Give Cavalor Bronchix Chronic monthly as nutritional support for horses suffering from shortness of breath or pulmonary problems. Cavalor Bronchix Chronic may be useful for horses with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

1000ml bottle


Liquid preparation for pulmonary problems that are accompanied by restricted flank movements, short breaths and frequent coughing
Indication for use
Cavalor Bronchix Chronic is a preparation to support the respiratory tract. Stimuli rapidly lead to irritation of the airways, which stresses the lungs and causes the flanks of the horse to visably heave in and out. Cavalor Bronchix Chronic is developed from vegetable plant extracts, which are known for their beneficial impact on maintaining the integrity of the bronchio-pulmonary texture and the capability of expectorating in cases of respiratory irritation.  When in doubt or with when excessive symptoms are present, always consult a specialist who will prescribe appropriate veterinary products and care.

Composition and product safety

Cavalor Bronchix Chronic is a liquid preparation consisting of herbal and plant extracts. This formula has brought considerable relief to many horses in first-episode occurrence and persistent cough and snuffling, which can frequently have a longer-term debilitating effect on the lungs. Cavalor Bronchix Chronic is sprinkled over the feed during or after a period in which severe respiratory problems are being treated.


For 21 days: sprinkle 20 ml/0.68 fl. oz. per day over the feed or inject into the horse’s mouth. Repeat supplementation after three weeks for an additional 10 days. It is recommended that the animal be subsequently given 20 cc for 10 days every month. Maximum dose: 50 ml per animal per day.


– Bottle containing 1000 ml/33.8 fl. oz.


What is the difference between Cavalor Bronchix Liquid, Cavalor Bronchix Chronic and Cavalor Bronchix Pure?
Cavalor Bronchix Liquid opens the upper tract of the airways and therefore improves respiration, especially in case of coughing due to irritation. Cavalor Bronchix Chronic was developed to support the horse when a cough persists for a prolonged time period. Cavalor Bronchix Pure combines the benefits of the other two products to support the horse’s immunity.
What is the impact of Cavalor Bronchix Chronic?
Cavalor Bronchix Chronic has a beneficial impact on maintaining the texture and integrity of the bronchopulomonary tract.
Will a 21 day supplementation with Cavalor Bronchix Chronic solve my horse’s problem?
It is advised to supplement Cavalor Bronchix Chronic for 21 days and repeat the administration for 10 days every month if your horse is prone to this problem. Always contact your veterinarian if the problem persists.
What is the effect of Cavalor Bronchix Chronic?
Cavalor Bronchix Chronic has a beneficial impact on maintaining the integrity of the bronchio-pulmonary texture.

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