Cavalor NorPlus

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Skin friendly, gentle shampoo that removes stains and produces an illuminating shine for all coat colours.

Choose from a 475ml jar or 2.75L pail



Use Cavalor NorPlus regularly during the summer months to clean and refresh your horse.


  • Contains a mixture of vegetable extracts. Cleans without irritating.
  • Ph Neutral
  • The unique formula of Cavalor NorPlus creates a lasting protection for your horse.
  • Keep dry , temperature from 10°C till 25°C in normal storage hangars.
  • Use until 3 years after production date
  • Keep out of reach of children


The consistency of Cavalor NorPlus has changed, can I still use the product?
Please note that the consistency of the product may change due to environmental conditions. Clumps may form under extreme hot or cold temperatures. Keep at room temperature to avoid changes in consistency. Changes in consistency will not diminish the quality and effectiveness of the product.


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