Cavalor® Strucomix Sensitive

Strucomix Sensitive is a well-balanced feed for sensitive horses.

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Product presentation

Cavalor Strucomix Sensitive is a well balanced feed for sensitive horses. Many horses are prone to developing  different problems due to imbalanced nutrition and poor digestion. This can include persistent skin problems such as tail and mane eczema and incessant itching, as well as insulin resistance and obesity. Furthermore, metabolic disorders such as nutrition-related laminitis (disease of the hooves), equine metabolic syndrome, equine cushing’s disease, equine polysaccharide storage myopathy and equine rhabdomyolysis syndrome can be cause for concern.

Cavalor Strucomix Sensitive contains a beneficial herbal mix with a base of stinging nettle, ginger and violet herb that drives the toxins out of the body more quickly. In other words, it purifies the body and balances it. This purification process has a curative effect on the skin and optimizes digestion. Cavalor Strucomix Sensitive is low in proteins, which relieves the liver and avoids excess heat loss and sweating.

It has been shown that giving feed that contains too much starch to sensitive horses can lead to digestive disorders in the large intestine, which can cause bowel and muscle problems. A low amount of sugar and starch contributes to the prevention or the treatment of insulin resistance. It helps horses that are obese to regain their normal weight. The low sugar content can also help prevent laminitis.

Cavalor Strucomix Sensitive is rich in crude fiber and fat. This combination ensures that the energy is used slowly and safely without the horse having to digest extra grains. Cavalor Strucomix Sensitive is to be administered in combination with long-stemmed dry hay. Please do not give it together with silage or young grass.

Directions for use

Daily ration of Strucomix Sensitive per animal, in addition to sufficient roughage:

as a supplement – max. 350 g per 100 kg live body weight,

as an additional concentrate – max. 700 g per 100 kg live body weight.

The daily feed ration depends on work, breed and roughage ration

Indicative nutrition values

 Digestible energy horse 11,5 MJ/kg
 EVH – Energy Value Horse  0,82 kg
 Crude protein 11 %
 Digestible crude protein horse 7,8 %
 Crude fat 6,5 %
 Crude ash 8 %
 Crude cellulose 18 %
Starches & sugar 21 %
 Calcium 1,05 %
 Phosphorus 0,60 %
 Sodium 0,30 %
 Magnesium 0,30 %
 Vitamin A 12.500 IU/kg – 5454,54 IU/lb
 Vitamin D3 1.250 IU/kg – 681,81 IU/lb
 Vitamin E 100 mg/kg – 240 ppm
Biotine 200 Ug/kg – 310 ppm
 Iron 75 mg/kg – 59 ppm
 Copper 40 mg/kg – 30 ppm
 Zinc 125 mg/kg – 150 ppm
 Manganese 125 mg/kg – 150 ppm
 Iodine 1,25 mg/kg
 Selenium 0,50 mg/kg


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