Centurion 4PH

With the Centurion 4PH you have full control over treatment settings. The 4PH System has a full line generator that offers the user the choice of ten (10) different frequencies and nine (9) different intensity settings. Treatment time can be varied from one to ninety-nine (1-99) minutes. It comes with a powered generator, four leg wraps, a body blanket, two Splitter Boxes and a carry case. The 4PH is our most popular model because of its power and versatility, the leg wraps (spats) can be used on the legs or placed in an open position into the pockets of the blanket. The blanket is constructed of heavy cotton twill for withstanding everyday life in a stable and like the Therapulse and Camel blanket is washable. There are two optional applied parts for the 4PH, the Hock Boot and the Hoof Pad.

The 4PH is available to either purchase or rent from Equillence on a monthly basis, please contact us for more details.

Watch the video on the right for a demonstration of how to use the Centurion 4PH.



Key Features

• More control over treatment
• Ability to treat entire body
• Portable
• Washable

Optional Accessories

• Hock Boot
• Hoof Pad


• Power: 115V/60Hz. or 230V/50Hz.
• Unit weight: 9 Kg. (20 lb.)
• Dimensions: 496mm (19 1/2″) x 514mm (20 1/4″) x 190mm (7 1/2″ )


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