T-Foam™ Replacement Liners

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Simple Solutions. Exponential results.

EquiFit is always exploring new ways to make riders’ lives easier and more successful with functional products and pragmatic solutions.

Removable, washable T-Foam™ Liners help preserve the longevity of the T-Boot Series™. Replace front and hind liners as needed. Keep an extra pair on hand for inclement weather or for use on multiple horses.

Available for entire T-Boot line. Replacement liners also available for T-Foam ShippingBoots and T-Foam BellyGuard.

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A genuine commitment to horses and riders drives EquiFit to seek new and better ways to help them perform, recover, be comfortable and succeed at all levels. Our unique blend of ingenuity and horse world expertise allows us to continuously adapt premium innovations in healthcare and fitness to the needs of equestrians.

The result: distinctive products for high performance both in and out of the ring.

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