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Cavalor feed is delivered fresh into Ireland and has a 6 month expiry.

Please contact us directly in relation to your order, we can do full pallets, mixed pallets and smaller quantities.

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Product description

The ideal mix for active competition horses engaging light work.

Indication for use

Cavalor Action Mix is administered in addition to plenty of hay and/or limited pasture and/or limited amount of raw stock. Horses engaged in restricted light work (4 to 6 hours per week, low level): per animal daily approx. 0.9 kg per 100 lb live body weight. Horses engaged in regular light work (5 to 8 hours per week, medium level): per animal daily approx. 0.9 kg per 100 kg live body weight. Horses engaged in frequent light work (6 to 9 hours per week, normal level): per animal daily approx. 1.1 kg per 100 kg live body weight.

Additional Information & Education


Research has proven the safe level of starch for a horse in maintenance is <1.5g/kg of bodyweight per meal (proven safe even up to 2g/kg), and for sport horses the safe starch level is <2.5g/kg of body weight per meal.* Our barley and corn flakes utilize a unique European flaking process to maximize digestibility while maintaining nutritional value.


Prebiotics help stabilize digestion and stimulate the growth or activity of bacteria in the digestive system. They help your horse stay healthy wheth­er in a stall, during rigorous training or during competition.


We use a variety of protein sources to create a more com­plete amino acids profile. There is protein in barley, wheat, corn flakes, oats and more. A broader amino acids profile is better for the horse’s digestive system and efficient conversion into energy.


Cavalor leads the industry in delivering high quality ingre­dients in a form that ensures high availability to the horse. The large flaked barley and flaked corn are a stable & safe energy source with ample viscosity to even the re­lease from the stomach.


Each of our feeds have the same foundational elements. We use the same protein, fiber, barley and vitamin & min­eral package. Because the foundation of each feed is consistent, you have the ability to layer feeds based on the energy level your horse requires to keep him perform­ing at his best.

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