Custom Bandage & Wraps Holder


Big bag for bandages and accessories CUBO – RG Italy

The CUBO is a great volume bag, which allows to bring together the equipment for each horse.
The large central pocket for wraps, rugs and other textiles.
8 slots to tidy up bandages.
2 small pockets welcome brushes and other small accessories.
The large flap allows to make a beautiful embroidery.
The body comes only with Cordura.
The bindings are available with all the colors of cotton and bingo RG.
3 cordellettes maximum placed on the flap only.

Dimensions: Width: 65 cm
Depth: 20 cm Height: 80 cm

Product description

RG is born from twenty years of experience in the textile field, they have been specializing in horse clothing from many years. Using first choice materials and employing specialized staff to realize high grade products. All of our products are custom created from a choice of fabrics, colours and personalisation details.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg