Beris Tandem Konnex

The initial idea was to develop a thinner mouthpiece with the proven effect of our Tongue Port Bit. During the phase of development we also became inspired by the characteristics of the Butterfly Bit. In conclusion the KONNEX-Bit is to be understood as the deliberate summary of positive characteristics of both. The bit itself is slimmer, it positions itself very comfortable in the
horse’s mouth. Also in the KONNEX-Bit the proved beris Tongue Port offers generous space to the sensitive tongue muscle. Additionally here the bit widens itself in area of the port. That means to spread the pressure of the rein on a greater area of the tongue, the tongue will be protected from too much pressure on a small area.
Suitable is the KONNEX-Bit for horses with little space in their mouth, e.g. thoroughbred type horses, or older horses (due to the
dental changes), horses with large-scale tongues and especially the ones who do not tolerate too much pressure on the tongue.

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Product description

This bit has the beris Konnex mouth piece for sensitive horses combined with soft rope pressure on  nose.


To be used with one set of reins. The pressure is distributed evenly between the horse‘s nose, lower jaw and poll. More rein action puts some pressure on the angle of the mouth. Suitable for horses that are very sensitive in the mouth, but can’t be ridden with a Hackamore only.



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