Beris Tango Comfort



This anatomically correct bit rests equally on tongue and bars and offers more room and mobility for the tongue. With this bit the pulled rein
will apply pressure evenly on tongue and bars. A lateral squeezing of
tongue and bars will not happen. Also a pinching of the lips will be impossible by using bit guards. The Comfort Bar lies thanks to it`s shape very still in the horses‘ mouth.
Mullen Mouth bits are considered to be fairly mild which enables the rider to communicate with his horse in a more gentle and delicate way. The soft Comfort Bit is ideal for young and sensitive horses.

(Excluded warranty in case of bite marks because of wrong bit choice)

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Product description

This bit has the beris Prime extra soft mouth piece for sensitive horses combined with pressure on jaw and nose.

Proudly we present our Tango! The absolute innovation that spreads the pressure of the rein equally on the horse‘s head. The first rein applies pressure on the jaws and the nose, the second rein acts like an on/ off curb chain. Very suitable for too „hot“ horses, that won´t tolerate single pressure on the mouth and those who just prefer a more evenly distribution of the rein pressure.



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