Has a restful, relaxing effect on nervous young horses.

We recommend an initial dosage of 3 measuring scoops per day (45 g/ 1.59 oz), 2 to 3 days prior to a stressful situation. Can also be administered longer term, with a maximum of 4 weeks. Then slowly cut back.

Cavalor® Calm

Indication for use

Too many competitive horses do not perform to their full potential due to stress. CAVALOR CALM can be the answer. Cavalor Calm aids in the prevention of symptoms associated with stress.

Horses that perform well during training can lose their ability to concentrate owing to the stress of transport, the commotion and distraction of a different environment and the enervating events at competitions. As a result, they respond less attentively and sometimes do unexpected things. Stress caused by fear of the unknown also occurs in young or inexperienced horses during training, and they can react violently. Stress not only affects the horse’s performance, but its condition, too. Avoiding stress is therefore very important. Apart from calming by the rider and/or groom and gaining sufficient experience, Cavalor Calm® may help to support those horses that need it.

CAVALOR CALM is a nutritional supplement based on herbs, having an anti-stress action but not making the horse unresponsive. CAVALOR CALM doesn’t contain prohibited substances and has no negative effects on the liver and kidneys.

Cavalor Calm can be used with good results in:
– horses that are “spooky” in competition;
– horses that are too temperamental during training;
– horses that are susceptible to stress;
– stallions used as sport horses
Cavalor Calm is especially composed for horses that only exhibit “spooky” behavior at competitions and to a lesser extent for chronically nervous horses.

Composition and Safety of the Product
Cavalor Calm is a dietary feed based on herbs and contains elements that counteract hypersensitivity. Irritability through noise, light and shade, changes in temperature, unexpected movements, other horses, strange situations, etc. is counteracted by a calming effect that does not interfere with the ability to concentrate nor with motor function. Because Cavalor Calm® is strongly diluted, it has no secondary effects whatsoever: no residues and no adverse effects on the liver or kidneys.
Cavalor Calm contains: magnesium, tryptophan, herbs, vitamin B1, B6 and B12. Cavalor Calm® contains no substances that are prohibited in competitive sports.

Each horse is an individual and therefore has individual needs. It is very difficult to determine an overall dose for a calming product. We recommend searching for the correct dose for your horse.

We advise a starting dose of 3 scoops per day (45g/ 1.59 oz), 2 – 3 days before an expected stressful situation.

Mix with the daily feed ration. This dose can be adjusted according to results produced.  Can also be used for a longer period with a maximum of 4 weeks.

Reduce dosage gradually.

You may want to stop giving Cavalor Calm continuously to your horse, as habituation might occur. Find more info on this issue in the FAQs.

Cavalor Calm is available in the following packaging:
 – Jar containing 0.8 kg/ 1,8 lb
– Pail containing 2 kg/ 11lb

Can I give Cavalor Calm to my horse continuously?
As with any calming supplement, when Cavalor Calm is used for a prolonged period of time, the horse may get habituated to the active ingredients in Cavalor Calm, which may reduce the effectiveness. In order to prevent a high degree of habituation we recommend a monthly 10-day non-administration period.

Can I combine Cavalor calming supplements with Cavalor Pianissimo feed?
Cavalor Pianissimo is a complete feed specially formulated for easily excitable horses. This feed can be given on a daily basis. If the effect does not suit your horse’s needs try usin a Cavalor calming supplement. F.ex. Cavalor Calm, Cavalor Take It Easy or Cavalor SoZen depending on the type of stress observed.

What is the difference between Cavalor Calm, Cavalor SoZen & Cavalor Take It Easy?
Cavalor Calm is developed for the “spooky” horse. These horses tend to be more easily scared. Studies in the field demonstrated that Cavalor Calm also has a positive result on the behavior of nervous stallions. While Cavalor Calm can be given for a prolonged period, we advise a 10-day non-supplementing period every month. Cavalor Take It Easy gives your horse a relatively high dose of tryptophane that will give quick results. Cavalor Take It Easy is a paste, given with a syringe the day of the stressful situation.

What should I feed my horse to promote a calmer temperament?
The first thing to do is to cut back on the oats and the wheat. Protein levels too must be re-evaluated. Other than that, feed the horse hay freely with extra crude fiber, as well as softened beet pulp and flax chaff. Some herbs will also produce good results. A range of supplements can also be considered. For example, extra vitamin B1 has a relaxing effect in high doses. Magnesium acetate reduces stress, and tryptophan – an amino acid – also has a stress-inhibiting effect in certain concentrations. These products and specific compositions are all available as part of the Pianissimo feed and the Cavalor Calm feed supplement.

Why can’t I give Cavalor Calm continuously to my horse?
When Cavalor Calm is used during a prolonged period, the horse may get habituated to the active ingredients it contains. This may result in a reduced efficacy. To prevent a high degree of habituation we recommend a monthly 10 days non-administration period.

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