Centurion Boreas CS

The new Centurion Boreas is the latest in cold compression therapy. It uses a combination of ice in a therapeutic setting and compression. The ice lowers the temperature of the injured tissue decreasing its metabolic rate and preserving the tissue while compression is used to increase the external pressure on the tissue relieving internal swelling. Common applications for cold compression are post workout therapy, injury prevention, sprains, strains, cellulitis, tendonitis and bowed tendons to name a few.
The Centurion Boreas features an easily accessible water compartment for refilling and drainage. The hose connectors are made of an alloy that prevents rusting and fractures and have been constructed to be leak free. The Boreas comes with two compression wraps in different sizes to treat various areas on your horse and is available through Centurion’s first-rate three month rental program. Preorder yours today!

The Centurion Boreas is available to either purchase or rent from Equillence on a monthly basis, please contact us for more details.

Watch the video on the right for a demonstration of how to use the Centurion Boreas.

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Product description

Key Features

• Intuitive interface
• Metal Connectors
• Portable
• Padded handle for easy transportation
• Troubleshooting guide on faceplate

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