Centurion Tapoty

The Tapoty works through percussive massage rather than orbital action. The massage spheres are designed to pivot up and down, penetrating deep into all muscle layers twenty-six times per second. No attachments are needed with the Tapoty.

Its own 7lb. weight supplies all the needed force. Adding weight by pressing will result in less penetration. The Tapoty contains a built-in safety buffering mechanism that prevents you from hurting your horse, even if you inadvertently apply extra pressure. If that should occur, the added pressure is absorbed and the Tapoty actually vibrates less. Thus, you cannot receive more force than the highest setting.

The Tapoty is available to either purchase or rent from Equillence on a monthly basis, please contact us for more details.

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Product description

Key Features

• Built- safety buffering mechanism
• Lightweight
• Portable
• Penetrates deeply into all muscle layers
• Only 15 minute treatments


• Power: 120V
• Unit weight: 3.2 Kg. (7 lb.)
• Unit Dimensions: 277mm (10.9″) x 173mm (6.8″) x 191mm (7.5″ )

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