Equi Wash


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Product description

Skin-friendly shampoo.

Indication for use

Dilute Cavalor Equi Wash with warm water, rub well into the coat and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Additional Information & Education

EQUI® WASH – Premium Line 
Skin-friendly shampoo for deep cleaning.

Indication for use
Cavalor Equi Wash is a mild shampoo that thoroughly cleans the coat of your horse. Cavalor Equi Wash gives a shiny effect to the horse’s coat and does not irritate.

Composition and conservation
Cavalor Equi Wash is a highly concentrated and soft (pH 7-7.5) shampoo that has an important cleaning and shining quality. Cavalor Equi Wash is a mixture of anionic tensio-active elements based on alkylarylsulphonates, which are deodorant and vegetal extracts. It contains no acid or solvent. These properties make Cavalor Equi Wash a product devoted to the health and comfort of the animal.

Dosage and application
Pour 2 to 3 caps of Cavalor Equi Wash into a pail (10 L), add warm water and mix well to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Wash your horse with Cavalor Equi Wash twice a month or more frequently if required.

– 500 ml/ 16.9 fl. oz. bottle
– 3 L/ 88.7 fl. oz. bottle

How do I get the best results for a shiny and voluminous tail?
First, wash the tail with Cavalor Equiwash, then spray Cavalor Star Shine on the horse’s tail.  Is Cavalor Equi Wash an aggressive shampoo?
Cavalor Equi Wash is a pH balanced shampoo made to be gentle on the skin.  What is the effect of the pH level in Cavalor Equi Wash?
Cavalor Equi Wash is a pH-balanced shampoo that is mild and non-irritating to the horse’s skin.

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