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The optimal gut improver+.

As a supplementary concentrate in addition to sufficient roughage (hay and straw) max. 1 kg FiberForce. As a complete feed for horses in a particular condition, experiencing problems with hay intake, max. 2 kg FiberForce.


The low levels of sugar (3%) and starch (5%) in FiberForce avoid the quick absorption of sugars in the small intestine, preventing rapid spikes in blood sugar known to aggravate existing metabolic disorders. This feed is designed to release evenly and slowly throughout the day to help re­duce bursts of insulin in the blood, making it safe for horses prone to lam­initis, ulcers, tying-up, equine polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM) or other muscle disorders.


Horses performing aerobic activity use oxygen to draw energy from fat sources. Fat is an important component for the diet of a horse performing in any endurance sport. It’s important to provide the proper amounts of fat in the horse’s diet, as research indicates there is little difference between the effectiveness of a diet with 7-8% fat or many of the high fat formulas currently available.


The stems of alfalfa are high fiber and can help reduce the acidity in the stomach. The long stems encourage horses to chew, which helps them produce more saliva. Saliva helps buffer acid production in the stomach. Long fibers also help slow the passage of feed through the digestive tract.

What prompted the idea for Cavalor® FiberForce?

The idea came from a brainstorming session about equine health in nutrition with Cavalor research scientists and nutritionists; it was decided that a high quality feed with a high-fiber, long fiber and low-starch content was needed.

Describe the Cavalor® FiberForce formula, why is it so different? What makes it so special?

First of all, Cavalor uses two extruded pellets, which are rich in long fibers. This is a unique composition and it is very beneficial to the digestive tract. Secondly, Cavalor uses long fibers (alfalfa stems), which reduce the passage of feed through the digestive tract making all ingredients in the feed more digestible. The Cavalor® FiberForce formula only contains 3% sugar and 5% starch which is the lowest level of starch observed in today’s market. Ex: Hay can contain up to 10-15% of sugar.

What are the most crucial components in the Cavalor® FiberForce formula?

There are four crucial components among other important ingredients: 1. Alfalfa stems 2. Extruded fiber pellets 3. Cavalor® Digest Control 4. A specific aroma that stimulates the horse’s appetite

Cavalor® Digest Control – Is this a new Cavalor supplement included in Cavalor® FiberForce? What elements promote proper digestion?

Cavalor® Digest Control is indeed a new supplement used by Cavalor in feed. The supplement has been in field trials for over a year now. We have observed horses with high GOT (or AST) blood values and normal liver and muscle values which indicates a problems in the large intestine. In field trials, these values have decreased by more than 50% in about two-three weeks with the use of Cavalor® Digest Control. The supplement is very beneficial and promotes proper functioning of the large intestine. Other improvements such as, improved protein digestion and lower levels of urea have also been noted. These noted improvements are positive as they help improve liver function and immunity by promoting better functioning of the large intestine.

What supplements are already included in Cavalor® FiberForce and why?

Cavalor® Digest Control: Quaternary Benzophenanthridine Alkaloids (QBA) & Protopine Alkaloids (PA). The combination of these two ingredients has shown to improve the health of the large intestine through field trials. Field trials showed a 50% drop in High SGOT (AST) blood values in about two-three weeks. Cavalor®Struconcept: Crude fiber: Alfalfa stems (long fibers). Slows the passage of feed through the digestive tract which promotes the digestion of all other ingested ingredients. Cavalor® Pro-Yeast: Pro-biotic. Promotes hindgut health and proper functioning of the large intestine to help reduce the risk of colic. Promotes the digestion of crude fiber and minerals and stimulates the production of B-vitamins which can help horses better utilize the energy provided from the diet. Cavalor® Omega-3: Positively influences immunity and digestion and offers aesthetic qualities like a shinier coat, etc.

Is Cavalor® FiberForce only to be used as a complete feed if the horse is experiencing issues with hay intake? Can it be fed as a complete feed to any other horses?

Cavalor® FiberForce can be fed as a complete feed to any horse. Ration (per 200 lbs horse weight). Feed as a complete feed for horses with specific conditions, experiencing issues with hay intake, max. 4 lbs Cavalor® FiberForce. Feed as a supplementary concentrate in addition to sufficient roughage (hay/straw), max. 2 lbs Cavalor® FiberForce.

The brochure indicates the use Cavalor® FiberForce as a supplementary feed with plenty of hay and roughage; do you recommend this for all Cavalor feeds?

Yes, we recommend this for all Cavalor feeds; minimal of 1.5 lbs. per 200 lbs. of body weight. Cavalor® FiberForce can also be used to dilute stronger/more concentrated Cavalor feeds such as, Cavalor® Endurix and Cavalor® Superforce.

Why is it important for Cavalor® FiberForce to be “whole grain-free”?

As whole grains are very rich in starch and some grains contain gluten; Cavalor could only reach the low-starch and low-gluten levels by not using whole grains.

Why is Cavalor® FiberForce high in fat?

Cavalor® FiberForce is high in fat because we need to provide the right energy level so that it can also be fed as a complete feed.

Are there any noted results from horses already on Cavalor® FiberForce?

Yes, the feed has been tested during the last eight month’s by influential and important university clinics in Belgium (University of Ghent and De Bosdreef, a leading private clinic) as well as in Holland (University of Utrecht). Cavalor® FiberForce has been used and observed mainly in horses with gastrointestinal problems.

Are there any risks when switching your horse to Cavalor® FiberForce if he is already suering from one or more of the following conditions: stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal issues, Insulin Resistance (IR), Laminitis and Cushing’s disease?

No risk at all, Cavalor® FiberForce is very safe. If you are currently using a different brand of low-starch feed, gradually switch to Cavalor® FiberForce (five days minimum).

More specifically, how can Cavalor® FiberForce help with some of the above issues?

Stomach Ulcers and other Gastro Intestinal Issues: The long fibers in Cavalor® Struconcept can help reduce the acidity in the stomach. Due to the nature of this feed, it is likely that the associated drop in pH in the horse’s stomach will be lower than observed with starchy feeds. Long fibers also help slow the passing of the feed through the digestive tract. Insulin Resistance (IR) and Cushing’s Disease: The low levels of sugar and starch in Cavalor® FiberForce (the total sugar/starch content is lower than hay) help avoid rapid absorption of sugar and starch from the small intestine, which usually results in an elevated blood glucose level and a subsequent increase in insulin in the blood. Cavalor® FiberForce feed is designed to release evenly and slowly through out the day to help reduce bursts of insulin in the blood. Laminitis: The high fat content in Cavalor® FiberForce comes from oils not sugar/starch. Fat is a safe energy source for horses sensitive to laminitis. Muscle Disorders (Tying -Up, Myopathy, etc…): Cavalor® FiberForce does not contain whole grains. Whole grains pro¬vide energy in the form of sugar and starch. Starch is broken down in the small intestine and absorbed into the blood¬stream as glucose. Horses fed grain-rich diets may be more likely to develop tying-up than horses fed low-grain and/or fat-supplemented diets.

What types of horses should NOT be fed Cavalor® FiberForce?

High performance horses should not be fed Cavalor® FiberForce on its own, however, it can be fed if combined with other feeds such as Cavalor® Perfomix or Cavalor® Endurix. If high performance horses are currently experiencing any of the issues noted above, they can be fed Cavalor® FiberForce alone, but they will be unable to perform at their usual top level.

What are some statistics that show how horses in the sport world are more prone to some of the issues that Cavalor® FiberForce can solve (IR, Cushing’s disease, gastrointestinal issues, etc.)? Why is this so important for horses today?

Sport horses are more prone to gastric ulcers due to stress, as well as metabolic disturbances due to high starch diets and viral infections. Recreation horses are more prone to IR, Cushing’s disease and Laminitis.

Are there any outside nutritionists/vets in Europe that have endorsed the product?

Cavalor has only engaged in field trials with university clinics and private clinics in Belgium and Holland. Samples have now arrived in some of the main equine clinics in Dubai for testing. Cavalor is currently negotiating with the University of Kentucky and the University of Ghent to setup scientific research trials for Cavalor® Fiberforce.

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