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Product description

The heart of Cavalor® feed, to which you can add grains.

Indication for use

Daily amount of Fifty-Fifty per animal: under heavy physical strain – 0.5 to 0.75 kg per 100 kg live body weight, with at least 6 kg hay and 3 kg grains under light physical strain – 0.3 to 0.4 kg per 100 kg live body weight, with at least 5 kg hay and 2.5 kg grains.

Additional Information & Education


By puffing grains we are able to improve the starch digestibility in the foregut from an average of 5-50% to 85-90%. These grains travel through the stomach and small intestine at a slower rate, allowing the di­gestive enzymes more time to act on the feed. More nutrients in the feed are released for the horse to absorb while avoiding any rapid releases of sugar and starch, which is critical for horses with metabolic issues.


Easy keeping horses may survive well on grass in a field, but it’s important that they still get all the nutrients they need. Fifty Fifty is the preferred feed for horses that keep their weight well on small amounts of feed but still need a complete vitamin and mineral supply.


The balance of vitamins and minerals in Fifty Fifty is spe­cifically designed to support the development of joints, tendons, cartilage and skeleton. Not only do we use a bal­anced blend of high quality vitamins and minerals, but we are always careful to ue the most stable versions. While the vitamins we use are always in the most stable form, the minerals we use are always in the most absorbable form.


Can I supplement Fifty/Fifty with grains?

This feed concentrate was purpose-developed to be mixed with available grains. Fifty/Fifty contains all the healthy elements Cavalor has to offer, e.g. the perfect balance among the fats, minerals and vitamins the horse requires. This feed is ideally suited for larger stables and owners who top their animal’s feed with oats or other types of grain.

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