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A horse’s body has a lot of waste substances to process. Cavalor Hepato Liq supports the equine metabolism.

Per day: 5ml in the morning, 5ml in the evening, sprinkle on feed – use over 25 days

CAVALOR® HEPATO LIQ – Professional Line 

Indication for use

Waste products of metabolism are detoxified or filtered and subsequently removed from the horse’s body. If that process fails to function, waste products accumulate and this  may result in various complaints. Cavalor Hepato Liq is a preparation for horses containing natural substances which – as a supplement to the daily feed ration – play an important role in the protection and regeneration of the organs responsible for detoxification but also lighten the workload on these organs. For example, the release of bile salts is stimulated. The specific composition of Cavalor Hepato Liq ensures that these substances are easily absorbed. In many cases results are clearly noticeable after just one week. Active competition horses with a heavy competition schedule are frequently given Cavalor Hepato Liq during rest periods between or following a succession of events involving intense exercise.

Composition and safety of the product
Cavalor Hepato Liq contains herbs, antioxidants and amino acid compounds (see packaging for label values).

 Sprinkle 5 ml in the morning and 5 ml in the evening over the daily feed for one week (dosage shown on the bottle). If necessary, this can be repeated at intervals of 25 days. (Maximum dose per animal per day: 20 ml.)

– Bottle containing 250 ml and 2000ml

What are some common liver issues and symptoms?
Specific symptoms pointing to liver problems arise only when a high percentage of the liver is already damaged. In earlier stages of liver damage there may be non-specific signs such as: low appetite, weight loss, poor coat condition, diarrhea, stomach pain, restlessness or tiredness. Jaundice and photosensitivity of non-pigmented skin may also be related to liver disease. Horse owners should contact a veterinarian when a liver problem is suspected.

Can I supplement with Cavalor Hepato Liq if my horse is currently taking other supplements?
Yes, you can.

Do I need to decrease the amount of supplements in my horse’s diet after a competition season or during a break?
It is recommended to decrease supplementation during periods of rest. It is also recommend to feed less if there is no activity. It is important to feed as needed! During resting periods, we strongly recommend cleansing with Cavalor Hepato Liq as it will allow the horse to better absorb nutrients. Less training means less feeding. It is definitely important to feed as you need and take activity into account. Horses may require more energy and vitamins during the winter due to cold weather and shortage of daylight.

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