Ice Clay


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Natural clay supplemented with minerals to relax stressed legs.

Fast cooling: apply thick layer on the legs (tendons), allow to dry and rinse off with cold water Slow cooling: apply thick layer to the tendons, wrap in wet paper and bandage

CAVALOR® ICE CLAY  –    Premium Line 
Cools down stressed tendons

Indication for use

CAVALOR Ice Clay is a poultice enriched with natural products, essential oils and minerals. The essential oils in Cavalor Ice Clay appear to have calming and analgesic properties. These assets might help reduce swelling. Cavalor Ice Clay slowly cools down stressed tendons.


Fast cooling: Apply Cavalor Ice clay in a thick layer on the affected leg. Let Cavalor Ice Clay dry completely. It can be removed using a hard brush. The legs should be sprinkled with cold water until Cavalor Ice Clay has disappeared.
Slow cooling: Apply Cavalor Ice Clay on the tendon and put a wet paper around the layer of Cavalor Ice Clay. Wind bandages around the paper. A slow cooling will produce a warming effect – the so-called “warm and wet compress effect.”


Do not use on infected or open wounds.


– Pail 4 Kg
 – Pail 10 Kg

Does Cavalor Ice Clay work well on swollen legs?
The natural clay in Cavalor Ice Clay may help reduce swelling of the legs. It also contains an exclusive herbal component that allows for the cooling effect to last longer.

Can I bandage the horse’s legs once they have already been packed with Cavalor Ice Clay?
Yes, but before bandaging over Cavalor Ice Clay, a layer of plastic wrap or paper should be applied.

Is it safe to use Cavalor Ice Clay for minor scratches and wounds?
Yes. Cavalor Ice Clay can be safely applied to minor scratches and small or superficial wounds.

Can I combine Cavalor Ice Clay with Cavalor Recup Gel?
Doing so would not harm the horse but may not be particularly useful. As Cavalor Ice Clay and Cavalor Recup Gel are both designed to cool and relax the horse’s legs, we recommend selecting the product most suited to your horse’s particular need.

Why does Cavalor Ice Clay work so well for swollen legs?
The natural clay in Ice Clay may help reduce swelling of the legs. It also contains an exclusive herbal component to support this effect.

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