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Product description

This unique formula nourishes leather, keeping it supple and leaving a nice shine without making the leather slippery.

Indication for use

Apply Cavalor Leather Shine to leather with a moist cloth or sponge. For extra shine, polish with a wool cloth.

Additional Information & Education

This unique formula nourishes and keeps leather supple without becoming slippery.

Indication for use
New equipment needs special treatment. Cavalor developed a leather balm to nourish the leather and to keep it supple. This unique formula makes the leather look shiny.

Put Cavalor Leather Shine on cleaned leather with a damp cloth or a sponge. The shiny effect will be reinforced by polishing with a woolen cloth or soft brush.

– Jar of 500 ml/16,9 fl. oz including sponge


What is unique about Cavalor Leather Shine?
Cavalor Leather Shine was specially formulated to nourish the leather and to provide shine without making leather goods slippery.

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