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Product description

The daily sport energy dose.

Indication for use

Always give Perfomix in addition to sufficient (at least 5 kg) hay. Daily amount per animal: sport horses – 1.0 kg per 100 kg live body weight recreation horses – 0.75 kg per 100 kg live body weight.

Should I continue feeding Juniorix to my 2-and-a-half-year-old trotter/racer that is just being started in training?
Young racers that are just starting to be trained are best switched to Perfomix, along with a supplement for active sport horses, such as Cavalor Nutri Plus.  How much Perfomix can I feed my horse?
This largely depends on the breed and the weight of the horse and on how intensely the horse is worked. The more a horse is worked, the more energy it needs. A 500 kg racehorse that is worked one hour a day needs only about 5 kg of Perfomix a day, along with hay and straw. Top racehorses that are trained several times a day need more feed. And certain breeds have different requirements than crossbreds.  Can I start a 3-year-old horse that is being trained on Perfomix?
Yes, you can. Make sure, however, that the young horse does not react too powerfully to a portion of feed concentrate. Perfomix distinguishes itself from other feeds in that it incorporates grains that have been rendered soluble, along with an easily absorbable fat core, which releases added energy. This may result in the animal starting work a bit too lively and becoming restless and agitated. There is no problem for young racers and trotters, as the nature and intensity of the work they do is already much higher at this age than that of young saddle horses. Can I feed my jumper Superforce and if so, how much?
When a riding horse or a jumper reacts a tad too phlegmatically to Perfomix, Superforce can be included as part of ration. One good way is to substitute half of the ration with Superforce, from three days up to one week before a competition. In a matter of just a few days, this will cause the horse to start training with more vigor and without tiring quite as quickly. A usable standard is to substitute 1.5 to 2 kilos of regular rations with Superforce. This method achieves its peak effect after 3 to 5 weeks. Feeding horses that are not worked on a daily basis too much Superforce will prove detrimental. This may cause an overburdened liver, with the horse losing condition.
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By puffing grains we are able to improve the starch digestibility in the foregut from an average of 5-50% to 85-90%. This reduces the risk of colic and improves the overall digestibility of the complete feed by 30%, meaning you can feed less.


Not only do we use a balanced blend of high quality vitamins and miner­als, but we are always careful to use the most stable versions. While the vitamins we use are always in the most stable form, the minerals we use are always in the most absorbable form.


We believe that the quality and source of the starch great­ly impacts digestibility. The sugar and starch content in our feeds come from high quality complex carbohydrates that are highly available to the horse’s digestive system and are safely digested as energy before reaching the hindgut.


We handle our ingredients carefully during the manufac­turing process to eliminate all possible dust and we limit the amount of pellets in the feed. This means Cavalor uses molasses only to increase palatibility, rather than using molasses to hide dust.

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