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Cavalor feed is delivered fresh into Ireland and has a 6 month expiry.

Please contact us directly in relation to your order, we can do full pallets, mixed pallets and smaller quantities.

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Product description

High-protein pellet that supports the development and balanced growth of foals and keeps mares in good condition.
Pregnant and lactating mares, foals < 1 year.
Additional Information & Education

Cavalor Nutri-Mobility concept for strong bones and flexible joints

The skeleton of an unborn foal must be able to develop properly throughout amare’s pregnancy. Cavalor Nutri-Mobility helps to support good and strong bone development. An optimal calcium/phosphorus/magnesium ratio for good bone growth, supplemented by organically absorbable trace elements – copper, zinc and manganese – ensure good development of the musculoskeletal system, i.e. bones, joints and tendons.

Cavalor Nutri-Balance: feed composition for stable growth and a good condition

A good functioning of a mare’s metabolism – to get enough building blocks and energy from the nutrients – is important during pregnancy and lactation, so that the mare stays fit and the foal can grow well. The Cavalor Nutri-Balance concept is a balanced combination of proteins, minerals and vitamins (building blocks) and fats and carbohydrates (energy providers). In particular, the digestibility of the nutrients (e.g. puffed and flaked cereals) is essential to prevent uncontrolled growth spurts and/or interruptions in growth.

Cavalor Nutri-Protect concept to support the development of a healthy intestinal function and natural resistance

A good development of the digestive system and in particular the intestinal flora are very important for the health of the foal and its future life. It helps to protect against intestinal problems and pathogens. Cavalor Nutri-Protect provides the right combination of active yeasts (probiotics) with easily fermentable fibres, including prebiotic fibres, that support the development of a healthy intestinal function and support natural immunity (resistance).

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